About Us

Our Mission

Our Purpose is to produce high quality amateur theatre and musical theatre for the patrons of the surrounding areas. We are an an educational organization, giving opportunity for study through presentations of plays and musicals. We seek to train actors, technicians, and other essential personnel in the theatre arts, enhancing aesthetic and technical awareness and skills in their chosen area under the guidance of those in the company who are highly trained in their craft.

The cast of The Philadelphia Story, 2016
John Guyton, Jane Wingard, and Martin Hayes.

Our History

2nd Star Productions was founded in January 1996 by Jane Wingard, John Guyton, Gordon Gustin, Martin Hayes, and Joanne Wilson – a theatrically experienced group who decided to “make their own rules for the sandbox”. In addition to producing high quality shows, they wanted to create an atmosphere where people can grow, have fun, and feel that their contributions were highly valued.

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